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Friday, July 1, 2011


My new found secret for anxiety in my dog!  This is a thundershirt.  The idea is that the constant pressure from the coat on the dogs chest and torso gives the dog a calming effect.  One of the veterinarian clinics that I work at have been selling them like crazy so I thought I had to give it a try for Winston who has extreme separation anxiety.  I've tried many things with him; kenneling, not kenneling, Composure (a supplement dog chew to help calm them), homeopathic drops in his water and on his food and nothing has helped.  I haven't and don't want to try medications with him.  Right now I kennel him but as soon as I close the house door he starts barking and begins licking his paws and legs.  Even if I am only gone for 5 minutes I come home and his legs are soaked!  I tried it yesterday for the first time.  I put it on him and put him in the kennel like usual.  As soon as I closed the house door amazingly I didn't hear any barking and when I got home after my 25 minute run his feet and legs weren't wet! So far good results! I think it is a great, easy and natural solution for anxiety and excitability.  Check out their website at www.thundershirt.com.


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