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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Success Story

I just received this email and I thought I would share:

Hello Doctors Kate & Kristy!

After these several months have passed I wanted to give you each an update on Cinder’s condition following the care you gave her subsequent to her spinal injury in August 2010. You may remember that the injury resulted in the loss of use of her back legs for a time.

Dr. Kate treated her injury promptly (next day) and after the first few treatments she could actually walk again. At home, however, I observed that she still had difficulty moving about the house, especially on tile, or when we and her two brothers went for walks. She would fall occasionally; she would scrape her rear toenails on the ground as she walked; her tail would be mostly limp and flop from side to side with her stride, as if she had only partial control of it or maybe of her rear end in general. Dr. Kristy’s chiropractic adjustments really helped in overcoming that problem. There was steady improvement over the weeks.

What prompts me to write you today are some things I observed about her on our walks, now that the ice is gone from our street. First, her toenails do not scrape the pavement at all any more, indicating to me that she has regained much strength and control in her back legs & ankles. I have been doing the test you taught me of turning her toes under & backwards as she stands. She corrects that position immediately now. She won’t put the slightest amount of weight on the foot until she corrects its position. Furthermore, when we walk her tail no longer wobbles around; she carries it steadily and in the typical up-curve so customary among doxies, and completely under control.

I could go on and on about how crucial and indispensable your treatments were in helping Cinder. Many, many thanks to you both! It is a wonderful success story.

Greg S.
Rhinelander, WI

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laser Therapy

Two of the three vet clinics I work at have laser therapy.  Laser therapy is helpful for pets with inflammatory conditions, arthritis, neck and back pain, trauma injuries, surgery recovery, open wounds and more.  I see faster changes in my patients that get laser therapy treatments after I adjust them than in the ones that do not have laser therapy.  The laser helps to promote healing at the cellular level and also provides pain relief.  There are no side effects and the pets seem to REALLY enjoy it.  It works great in conjunction to alternative therapies like chiropractic and acupuncture as well as traditional veterinary medicine.  To learn more about the types of laser therapy check out Laser Therapy for Dogs.