" If your dog is fat you are not getting enough exercise"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet Pogo

Pogo is one of my newest clients! Isn't he cute?  I think he looks like the dog from Men in Black ;) Pogo came in because he had a sore back and was walking around with a hunched up back and wouldn't jump up or down anymore.  He did great after his first visit so I think Pogo will be feeling much better soon.  I had a very busy day yesterday adjusting animals.  I spent the morning from 9-12 in Rhinelander, WI then traveled to Merrill, WI from 1-5.  Lots of dogs with lots of different reasons for visiting the chiropractor.  Some come in for stiff legs and odd gait, some for weak and wobbly back legs, others for disc disease and bulging discs and others for neck tightness and pain after chasing squirrels ;)
Winston came along for the day.  He is a good car buddy!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Crazy" Mazie

Mazie smiling ;)
Had to keep saying "treat" to get her to hold still long enough for a picture

This is Mazie. Mazie is a German Shorthair/St. Bernard mix.  She looks like both of them but acts just like a Shorthair! I should know; I have one and he is crazy too!  Today when I saw her I thought the name "Crazy" Mazie suited her well because of how much energy she has!  I've been working with Mazie for over a year now for various things from a sore back to urine issues but I will always remember the 1st day Mazie came in.  She wasn't even 1 year old yet and it definitely took me the longest it has ever taken me to adjust an animal.  Even with her owner and I holding her we could barely get her to hold still.  She was literally bouncing off the walls!  Now when she comes in she is super energetic but then stands perfectly still while I do my adjusting and when I'm done then goes crazy again.  It is so funny to see her go from one extreme to the next. She a perfect angel when getting her adjustments. I think she knows it is going to feel good ;)

Friday, July 1, 2011


My new found secret for anxiety in my dog!  This is a thundershirt.  The idea is that the constant pressure from the coat on the dogs chest and torso gives the dog a calming effect.  One of the veterinarian clinics that I work at have been selling them like crazy so I thought I had to give it a try for Winston who has extreme separation anxiety.  I've tried many things with him; kenneling, not kenneling, Composure (a supplement dog chew to help calm them), homeopathic drops in his water and on his food and nothing has helped.  I haven't and don't want to try medications with him.  Right now I kennel him but as soon as I close the house door he starts barking and begins licking his paws and legs.  Even if I am only gone for 5 minutes I come home and his legs are soaked!  I tried it yesterday for the first time.  I put it on him and put him in the kennel like usual.  As soon as I closed the house door amazingly I didn't hear any barking and when I got home after my 25 minute run his feet and legs weren't wet! So far good results! I think it is a great, easy and natural solution for anxiety and excitability.  Check out their website at www.thundershirt.com.