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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Love Dog Kisses

Yesterday morning I headed over to Oconto Falls to see a handful of dogs in the morning.  As I walked into the clinic an old, sort of mean looking, very wide chested boxer took me by surprise with a friendly growl and I thought to myself that this could be an interesting appointment.  I sat on the floor as the owner and I discussed what was going him.  He was a little nervous rooming around the room but for the most part was doing his best to ignore me.  After about 5 minutes he walked right up to me and as we were sitting there face to face I wondered for a second if my face was going to get bit off when he gave me some of the most slobbery, wet, dog kisses that I've ever had!  After he figured out I wasn't going to bother him much he continued with the kisses throughout his whole appointment.  I could still feel the dried slobber on my face at work that afternoon when I would smile ;)

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  1. eeewwwhhh....time to start packing some "wet ones" :-)